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Q&A lists for common question

Q1:How can I get a replacement certificate if I lost it?

ANS: The Chinese and English graduation certificates need to be signed by the recipient in person, and there is no online application available. However, since alumni may be unable to come in person, we can apply in "correspondence". If you need to apply by correspondence, please send an email to: academic@ccu.edu.tw to receive the relevant documents to be filled out first. For other related questions, please contact: Academic Affairs Office, Teaching and Learning Division, Service Counter 05-2720411 ext. 11212

Q2 :

(1): How do I replace my regular alumni card?

ANS : We do not offer replacement of general alumni cards anymore. If you need to replace your alumni card, please refer to the alumni easycard replacement application below.

(2) How do I replace a lost student easycard or alumni card?

ANS: If you want to apply for a replacement card due to loss or damage, you will be charged a fee of NT$200 (NT$200 is a special prize for the first 500 applicants and will be adjusted to NT$300).

How to apply: Please email the application form and the file of your headshot to the email address of Alumni Service department: alumniccu@ccu.edu.tw. Applicant then need to mail the application fee of two hundred dollars with a registered return envelope (please fill in your personal information of name, address, and post code with the stamp of 36 dollars on the envelope) to the following address: No. 168, Sec. 1, University Road, Minxiong Township, Chiayi County, 621, Taiwan (R.O.C.), National Chung Cheng University, Media and Public Relations Office, Secretary's Office. Otherwise, applicants can also pay the fee in person at the office.

(3) What should I do if I lose my Student EasyCard before I leave the school?

ANS: Please follow the lost student ID card procedure to the Academic Affair Office to complete the departure procedure, but no replacement card will be issued. Alumni can apply for an Alumni easycard.

Q3: Graduates need to go to the school graduation system to finish the graduation procedure. How do I know the account number and password of the system?

ANS: The account number of the school graduation system is the student number; and the password is your personal ID card number for "local students" (with first letter capitalized) and the ID number issued by the NIA for "overseas students and foreign students".

Q4: What are the account number and password for the alumni platform?

ANS: The account number for the alumni platform is your personal ID number and the password is a password that is reset when you finish the graduation procedure.

Q5: I can successfully log in to the school graduation system, but I cannot log in to the alumni platform, what should I do?

ANS: Please call the Media and Public Relations Center (Tel: 05272-0411 #10254) or write an email to us (alumniccu@ccu.edu.tw) and give us your ID card number and name. After confirming your identity, the Center will help you to recreate the password by reversing the ID card number (including the capitalized first letter). If you forget your password, alumni can directly enter your ID card number in the login section without entering your password, and the system will automatically determine that the login has failed and reset the password by the Center.

Q6: Does the school provide the service of applying an alumni mailbox?

ANS: An alumni mailbox is available for both graduates and non-graduates (including dropouts).

Application website: https://alum.ccu.edu.tw/

Q7: Do alumni need to apply to take pictures in the campus?

ANS: We offer the following services to our alumni:


Homepage: :https://lib.ccu.edu.tw/

Library Phone List: https://lib.ccu.edu.tw/p/426-1011-51.php?Lang=zh-tw

Contact: (886)05-272-0411 ext. 15113

Email Address: cculibsys@ccu.edu.tw

【Guidelines for applying for an alumni card to borrow books】

Alumni should fill out the Temporary Library Card Application Form (https://reurl.cc/o013M5), attach (1) a deposit of NT$2,000, (2) a 2-inch photo, and (3) a copy of the alumni card or graduation certificate, and apply for an alumni library card at the Library cashier's desk during opening hours.

Can alumni access to e-resources of the school library?

Due to the scope of the subscription database, this service is only available to current students and staff members of the University. It does not include dropout students, alumni, interlibrary partners, family members of staff, citizens, or other temporary library card holders (such as part-time teachers). The above readers who cannot use the external link can register for the library entry with their personal photo IDs, and the computers are available in the Learning Center on the right side of the 2nd floor of the library for readers to access to e-resources.

(2)Physical Education Center

Facility Price List:


Email: admtsc@ccu.edu.tw

Contact: 05-2720411 ext.51111

(3)Career Center

Homepage: https://career.ccu.edu.tw/

Contact: (05)2720411 ext. 12202、12203、12204、12206

(4) Campus Employment Job

Job Listing on Indeed: https://tw.indeed.com/%E5%9C%8B%E7%AB%8B%E4%B8%AD%E6%AD%A3%E5%A4%A7%E5%AD%B8-jobs

Q8:Do alumni need to apply to enter the campus to take pictures?

ANS: Alumni can drive into the campus with their alumni cards, no application is required. Taking pictures in the outdoor public areas of the campus is allowed, but for the indoor environment of faculties, departments, and administrative units, alumni need to get permission from the authority of each college.

Q9: Are there any other restrictions on entering the campus at night?

ANS: Please be aware that the gate control starts at 23:00 and you cannot enter the campus by car but only by foot.

Q10:How do alumni know what kind of activities will be held during their visit?

ANS: There is an activity calendar listed on the CCU official website. However, the schedule of events held by administrative units or departments (such as career fairs, departmental alumni meetings, etc.) are not listed on the calendar on the website. Visitors and Alumni are suggested to check website of each department for latest news.

Q11:How do a alumni apply and pay for a room reservation at the Chi Yuen Building?


Please contact the Customer Center for room reservation.

Contact number: 05-2720411 #47999

Email: ccuzyb@gmail.com

The reservation procedure is as follows:


Step 1: Online Application (only for our faculty, staff and alumni of CCU).

Website for online application: https://hotelzyb.ccu.edu.tw/

For those who forget login information, please contact the Alumni Service Center for assistance (05-2720411 #10254 or 10256, email: alumniccu@ccu.edu.tw)

Step 2: Please send the application form to ccuzyb@gmail.com (If you want to cancel the reservation, please inform us by e-mail or phone)

Step 3: Please confirm the room number and payment method with the Chi Yuen Building Customer Center before check-in:

(1) Cash payment: Pay in person at the Chi Yuen Building or at the cashier's office.

(2) Remittance:

The remittance information is as follows:

(1) Account name: 402 special account of National Chung Cheng University.

(2) Bank: Bank of Taiwan, Chiayi Branch.

(C) Wiring transfer code: 0040141

(D) Account number: 014036070572

(e) Please indicate the name of the applicant or guest name, room number and date of stay.

(6) Please notify Chi Yuan Building after remittance.


The following is the service information of the Chi Yuen Building:

Key collection and payment for the room in the Chi Yuen Building and the Activity Center are available from 15:00 to 17:00. Check-out time is before 11:00 a.m. (After checking out, please put the key in the key box at the desk and turn off the power). After 17:00, please go to the security office at the entrance of the campus to pick up your key (please inform us of the payment method prior to your stay).

Please turn on the power before entering the room to use the air conditioner; please take care of your valuables. If you lose your keys or damage your room equipment during your stay, you will be charged at the market rate. There is no extra bed service, no smoking, and no pets or dangerous items are allowed. Please do not keep non reserved guests in the room; cooking and shouting is also prohibited. If a guest violates the staying regulations, Chi Yuen Building has the right to cancel the reservation and pursue for legal responsibilities.

In case of emergency happens after 18:00 p.m., please contact the police and security team in the campus at ext. 13710 or 05-2721034.